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Menu Tour Sevilla is a way to make the most of your time and budget on your visit to the city of Seville. The best way to get to know any city is with a guided tour with an official local guide that knows well the unpredictable and remarkable. Not all pockets can be fostered such luxury and free tours in the end are a oversized experience that make this experience somewhat tidy.
Menu Tour Sevilla is a service in which you pay for your menu and you also enjoy an excellent walking tour through the impressive city of Seville: if there is any place to walk is a free luxury, that is the Monumental center of Seville.
Menu Tour offers a walk where you will see all the essentials of the city and much more, since there are no sales stops and make the most of the time whether you are traveling with family, group of friends or alone.
At the same time you enjoy an urban style menu with fresh ingredients where you choose from three options:
• 5 types of Burguer Menu plus appetizer and soda or Beer
• 6 types of Healthy Bowl with soda or beer
• 4 types of Shake and Burguer menu, to make your stay in Seville a cinema
If there is anyone that does not fit with your wishes, I am sure we find the solution within our menu of the restaurant of TGB Cristina

RECORRIDO DEL MENU TOUR ( 12 and more thongs you will see)

    1. GATE OF JEREZ: It was one of the main entrances to the city of Seville walled. There is no more such a magnificent consturction except a commemorative plaque of the Reconquest of the city by Ferdinand III the Saint: ask our guides to show itto you because it is a small secret that all Sevillians know us. In addition, this square hides several other secrets such as the house of a Nobel Prize of , the lodging of distinguished people that visit the city or one of the first buildings of the University of Seville that are still preserved
    2. HOUSE FILELLAS or LA ADRIATICA: is a pearl of Andalusian Regionalism that houses various names. I’m sure our guides will bet on some more than another, but they’re all very genuine of the city’s inhabitants.
    3. CITY HALL: Another gem that was a wedding gift from one of the greatest kings that Spain has ever had. Plateresco Renaissance style, its crawn forms serve as an example for the decoration of multiple typical Sevilian shapes. Do you know there’s a Hollywood actress always showing her face from the facades?
    4. .PUERTA DEL PERDON : These are the most visible remains of the old major mosque in Seville. Its original doors of the Almohade period, hide many secrets in its inscriptions that and behind them the breathtaking view of the Giralda.There is a lord who has more hands than usual; ask our guides where you are.
    5. THE GIRALDA: a lot has been written about it and a lot is learned daily and it never ceases to amaze us. For a Sevillian to see it every day it is still a gift every day
    6. PLAZA DEL TRUNFO: as a whole it is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and houses the three princely powers that ruled the city: the religious with THE CATEDRAL, the politics with the REAL ALCAZARES and the economic with the old LONJA de Mervaderes or current ARCHIVES FILES
    7. BARRIO DE SANTA CRUZ: the old Sevillian Jewish quarter hides thousands of stories and legends of love, and heartbreak, revolted stays of great artists such as Murillo, Becquer or Zorrila. It is the place where Don Juan Tenorio carried out his skirmishes
    8. PLAZA DE ESPAÑA: the place that we Sevillians like the most and those who visit us, You can not come to Seville without seeing it.
    9. PARQUE DE MARIA LUISA: did you know that two major international exhibitions have been held in Seville? Maria Luis Park contains a lot of buildings that were seende of the 1929 Iberoamerican exhibition and is now a gift that we enjoy daily.
    10. ROYAL TOBACCO FACTORY. Currently headquartered at the University of Seville. Hopefully you’ll see some celebrity over there
    11. PALACE OF SAN TELMO. This beautiful Baroque building is currently the seat of the government of Andalusia but was formerly a famous academy of virtuous students: who can it be dealt with?
    12. TORRE DEL ORO: With this name the building that presides over the river that crosses the city and the name comes to it for many reasons. For us it is worth more than gold to have this tower in the city.












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